10th -12th JULY 2009
Location of Scout Centre (map)
FRIDAY 10th JULY 2009 SUNDAY 12th JULY 2009

6.00pm   Welcome to all at Fylde Scout Centre
               Heyhouses Lane,  St Annes.
10.30am     Depart by own transport to dance
                  at St Annes Promenade

8.00pm   Bring your instruments to the Gathering  
                 for music, song and dance, light supper 12.00pm     Lunch Break.
                 and a complimentary glass of wine.  
SATURDAY 11th JULY 2009 1.30pm       Depart by own transport to
9.30am   Departby own transport to St Annes Town Centre                   Fairhaven Lake
10.00 - 10.45am   Dancing in St Annes Town Centre    
           (Meeting in front of Boots) 3.15pm       Final dance and goodbyes.
11.00 - 11.45am   Dancing in St Annes Town Centre  
11.45am   Return to Scout Centre for lunch  NOTES
12.15pm   Lunch  
1.30pm   Depart by own transport to Lytham      1. All times are based on the Morris clock!
2.00/2.15pm   Dancing at Lytham Piazza (Clifton Square)      2. The Scout Hut is not licensed but you
4.00pm   Return to Scout Centre          may bring your own drinks
       3. On Sunday please vacate the bedrooms
6.00pm   Supper.          before 10.00am as Mrs Mop is due!
7.30pm   Ceilidh with The Festival Ceilidh Band