Frequently Asked Questions

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   When and where do the Fylde Coast Cloggers  practise?

Most Thursday evenings at 7.45 in Warton Village Hall, PR4 1BD (opposite BAE Systems main entrance) (map).
It is advisable to check with us before visiting.


   Why are we called the Fylde Coast Cloggers?

The team members come from within, or close to, the Fylde Coast. We dance mainly in and around the Fylde district and the clog dances we perform are mostly of local origin.


   What is the significance of the windmill logo?

The Fylde Coast is also known as the Windmill Coast due to the large number of windmills in the area.
One of the most well known landmarks of the Fylde Coast is the windmill on Lytham Green (very close to where we used to hold our practice sessions).