Fylde Coast Cloggers say “oui” to “entente cordiale”



Fylde Coast Cloggers will be taking the name of Lytham St Annes to France in August 2002.


The ladies of Lytham St Anne’s own Morris dancing team are well known locally for their lively and exuberant interpretations of centuries old  morris dances in the  north west style, as seen at St Annes Club Day and other events in the borough and throughout the north west of England.


The team has twice visited twin town Werne in Germany, and also completed a tour of Belgium, demonstrating that England has as rich and diverse a heritage of traditional dancing as any of our European neighbours.  In August this year, the team are visiting Brittany in northern France, to demonstrate that morris dancing is alive and well.


The team comprises women dancers ranging in age from 11 to 65 years.  It is a proud boast that the team includes some very young members who will be able to continue the dancing in years to come, just when many would think all the old skills have died.

The team will be accompanied on this tour by 2 musicians, Sue Arrow who also lives (and performs) in St Annes and plays the melodeon, and Andrew Zagorski who plays the accordion.  The musical accompaniment is an integral part of the presentation, as many of the tunes are as old, if not older, than the dances themselves.


The team will be based in Bannalec near Concarneau, and present demonstrations of the dancing at nearby historic Pont Aven and Riec sur Belon.  The town of Scaer has requested the team to dance at their annual reception for visitors, and the dancers will also feature in Bannalec’s annual festival, which is based on a traditional wedding ceremony with all the accompanying festivities.


New dancers (women only) and musicians are always welcome to join the team, which practises weekly on Thursday evenings at the Assembly rooms in Lytham. Further details can be obtained from Sheila Mugan, telephone 01253 739884.